The Hotel Miramare is the ideal starting point to discover the territory of the Crotone province. The wonderful position of Cirò Marina offers our customers a very wide choice.

Here are the most beautiful places to visit:


It's a small town in the Crotonese inland approximately 20 km from Cirò Marina, and located on a wonderful hill 450 meters above the sea level. The town has Albanese origins of which it still holds language and traditions. In Carfizzi you shouldn't miss the Montagnella Park, an important example of Mediterranean bush.


Melissa stands on a rocky ridge 2156 meters above the sea level and 13 km from Cirò Marina; the historical center of Melissa, with its narrow streets, is typical of the feudal middle ages, and so are the beautiful ruins of the castle wall.

Santa Severina

44 km away from Cirò Marina is Santa Severina, a small town rich of art and history, with several evidences of the Byzantine and Norman periods. Especially interesting is the fully restored Carafas castle, one of the most important military buildings in Calabria.

Le Castella

Located on the Jonic coastline, 60km from Cirò Marina, inside the Marine Protected Area of Capo Rizzuto, with a unique scenario and a rich historical heritage from Magna Græcia, Byzantium and the Normans, Le Castella is definitely a place worth seing.
The origins of Le Castella are ancient and mysterious; people say that in one of the islands not far from the coastline, Calipso or Ogigia, the Homeric goddess withheld Homer for a long time. The story of the place is tightly bound to the Aragonese Castle, a building that is still today the core of the events taking place in this wonderful area.


The Pythagorean city is only 30 km from Cirò Marina; today's Crotone extends only partially on the old Magna Græcia Polis and is dominated by a lonesome hill, on which stands a medieval village with an impressive castle. The city was first founded by the Achaean settlers in 709-708.
One should not miss the Duomo, whose original plant dates back to the IX century. Very interesting are the 18th century Chapel, rich with golden stuccos, bronzes, and paintings among which a 'Madonna Nera' known as 'from Capolonna'; and the wooden choir (1678) and a 18th Century painting by the local painter Nicola Lapiccola representing 'Jesus returning from the temple'.
Another striking promontory facing the Jonio sea is that of Capocolonna with the ruins of the ancient Doric temple of Hera Lacinia.

Parco Nazionale della Sila

The Sila Plateau is among the most striking landscapes in Calabria, there it often seems like being in the Alps due to the particular geologic structure of the ground, the lakes and the typical high altitude plants. Due to the beauty of the landscape and the wilderness la Sila is a real naturalistic paradise.

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